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Introducing Cachepoint

I’m pleased to introduce Cachepoint.  It’s my android app for geocaching.  It processes pocket queries and then helps to find caches when you’re out and about.

This is my first android app and it’s on the market now (search Cachepoint).  Dead pleased, but know that as it’s free the trolls will pan it first…

More details about it on the dedicated Cachepoint page.

10 comments to Introducing Cachepoint

  • Mark

    I tried using CachePoint on my HTC Hero Andriod phone, but it didn’t work… that is, it installed OK, but when I launch it it says that there are no caches. I loaded a GPX file (query.pgx) in the /sdcard/download like it says to, but it would never load it. Not sure if it si something specific to this phone or if it happens on other phones.

  • Sorry to hear you’re having problems. I tried emailing you but it seems it might not be a correct address so I’ll post here:

    Can you forward the gpx file, or the CGXYZ code if it’s a single cache, I’ll run it through on my phone with the debugger to make sure it works.
    A Few things to make sure:

    1. Did you unmount the SD card before running the app after copying the file(s) to it? The card doesn’t appear as inserted unless you do that, so it can’t be seen
    2. Did you use the folder: “download” singular on your sd card, rather than “downloads” plural. “download” is correct. Also the /sdcard/ folder is the card itself, so you don’t need to create that folder.
    3. Is the file extension correct? The post states .pgx rather than .gpx, but I asume that’s just a typo in the post rather than anything else
    4. If it’s a pocket query run with many caches within (emailed as a .zip from then ensure it’s the .gpx alone, not the waypoints.gpx file as waypoints are not currently supported.

    It’s most likely that there’s a parser error with my code which I’ll be happy to fix if I can get a look at the file.


  • Paulo

    We have to import the zip files from the queries we receive from right?
    it’s still not possible to log in on app?

    looks like is going to be an app to use… U have to get it suporte latin character like É, à, ç, etc… cause the way it appears in portugues sucks.. eheh

    best regards,


  • Yes. You download the .zip from the email send, and add the main .gpx file into the “download” folder on the SD card.

    A later edition will work direct on the zip.

    I’m looking into the characters in the portugese files (french seemed to work ok on mine), hopefully there should be a nice solution.

    Interraction with is a much trickier problem, as the T&C’s don’t allow for much. I’ll see how and what can be done at a later stage, but I want to keep the net usage to a minimum to prevent battery drain.

  • Sander

    Is it an idea to put some kind of filter option in the database? So that, when you’re on the road and want to do a quick pick-up, (traditional) you can only filter for the traditionals? Or something like that.

    Like the program, works great!

    Best regards from Holland,


  • really glad you like the program. I’ve really thought about making an app that optimises how I work in the field. It mightn’t be for everyone, the fact that you need to prime with pocket queries in advance is a pain for some, but it works well for me.

    I do intend to add filters for type, terrain etc. in a future release. I also need to allow for waypoints and manual targetting so multicaches can be handled out and about too.

    Thanks for the feedback, feel free to pass on any other ideas.

    For the time being the map view probably works best to find nearby caches of given type by looking for icon, no filter at present I’m afraid.

  • Sheila

    I don’t have a download folder on my SD card. Do I just make one?

  • yes. when copying the file across just create the “download” folder and add the file in there. It’s normally created the first time you download something into it on the phone, but if that’s not happened before then it’s fine to just create it.


  • Sheila

    Disregard my last email. I got it to work. I didn’t understand that the download folder had to be named download and nothing else. It’s working great, now! Thanks for the app!

  • Sheila

    Is it possible to increase the size of the font? The cache logs are teeny tiny and I this page won’t let me make it bigger like other pages will.

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