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Cachepoint is a pocket query tool for Android phones.  It’s designed to aid people geocaching in the field.  Pocket queries are available to Premium Geocaching members, and contain all the information about the cache.  Because the query has all the details, it’s possible to cache without using the internet connection on the device, saving battery power.

The main focus of the application is to cache with minimal strain on the battery so that you can geocache the whole day without the GPS draining the battery.  This is achieved by using the GPS only when needed and enabling quick toggle between nagivagiting and general use of the software.

Version 1.0

The current version in the android market supports the following:

  • importing .gpx files from /sdcard/download/ (not  including waypoints gpx)
  • detecting newer version of .gpx and updating known caches
  • listing nearest caches to current location
  • mapping caches
  • toggle my location on maps to help get bearing, but save battery when not needed.
  • viewing cache details, including hints, logs and long descriptions
  • navigating to cache location
  • open location in google maps app (to get directions etc.)
  • wiping the database clear to free up space



Future releases of the app will include the following features:

  • Update your find status for a cache (i.e found, DNF)
  • Importing waypoints for a cache to help in multis etc.
  • Details of trackables at the cache
  • Preferences to tweak various fixed elements
  • Satelite View on maps
  • Metric option for distances
  • Filtering of lists and searching for caches by id, type, name etc.
  • Adding custom waypoints in app (needed to set target for multi-caches)

Getting It

download from the market

Cachepoint is available from the android market. Scan the barcode on the right with your phone and you should be taken to the download. It’s released to all markets world-wide, but is only in English at present. It should work on android 1.5 upwards.


I intend to release the sourcecode for the app just as soon as I figure out where, what licence and get the time to do so.


Feedback is welcome, but courtesy would always be appreciated, afterall nobody made you download it, and I do this for the fun.  Follow me on twitter (@jlozinski), comment on the blog, or email me through the market.

Version History


There was an issue with how the WebView was being populated which lead to corruption of foreign characters, this version fixes display of UTF-8 Strings.


I recieved some feedback that some GPX files were not loading.  It turns out that they were output from GSAK, a geocaching application for windows.  The date/times output by this application were not valid according to the Java parser, so I updated the app to handle these more gracefully.


Silly me realised immediately that the Google Maps API Key needed updating for the release key, this fixed it.


Initial release onto the Android Market